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Our talented and enthusiastic team are all actively involved in the production process. All team members receive ongoing training and support to help them be their best, learn new tasks and have a go at the many different jobs we have to offer at our Bassendean premises.

Westcare Industrial Packaging offers cost effective solutions to businesses looking to outsource and streamline their packing requirements. Our dedicated team can assist and complete a broad range of services.

Packing & repackaging products:

Our team can package products in plastic and cardboard display units, repack products from larger to smaller lot sizes, sort and pack promotional products and sample packs, and package items for point of sale displays.

Shrink wrapping:

Westcare provides a shrink wrapping service as a great way to bundle goods to ensure clean and safe transportation. Wrapping services include heat shrinking of canned products, pallet shrink wrapping as well as break bulk into smaller lot sizes and heat sealing of outer plastic shipping bags.

Product labelling:

Westcare offers an extensive range of product labelling services for items requiring labelling/ re-labelling for sale. Our teams are able to re-label imported packaged products to comply with Australian labelling requirements adhering labels to large and small packaged products, drink bottles and sealed fresh food containers.

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