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Westcare offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective covered, stapled, die-cut cardboard  products and corrugated boxes in various sizes and configurations to suit any industry.


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a range of custom boxes. We can custom make boxes to your specification, including precise fitting into your racking or storage system, or we have a large range of prefabricated boxes to choose from.

Spare parts boxes:
  • Parts boxes are available in standard sizes or can be made to your specifications.

  • Angled front spare part boxes are available.

  • Parts bins and spare parts boxes are manufactured from one piece of board to increase strength and durability.

Medical and Pathology boxes:

Our range:

  • Cell boxes

  • Paraffin boxes

  • Slide holders

  • Plasma boxes

  • Orthodontic boxes

  • Optical boxes

  • Cytotoxic boxes

  • Pill boxes

  • Autoclave trays

Party hire and catering boxes:

We make boxes for a range of items including:

  • Wine & champagne glasses

  • Cups & mugs

  • Cutlery storage

  • Spirit and water glasses

  • Tea & coffee storage

  • Plates, bowls etc

  • Equipment (Urns etc)

  • Linen


A wide variety of other cardboard products


Westcare spare parts boxes and parts bins are made from sturdy solid fibre 2.3mm thick board using high tensile ribbon wire staples.


Spare parts boxes or parts bins can be custom made to suit your racking requirements including a number of internal compartments, tags - for ease of handling, and description label panels.


Spare parts boxes have a wide application and are used in the automotive, mining and spare parts industries.


Westcare designs and makes boxes specifically for the party hire and catering industry. 


We can provide you with dividers made from a specially milled board that repels moisture.

Please be advised that these boxes are custom made at time of ordering; we do not have standard sizes in stock. 

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