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Westcare offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective covered, stapled, die-cut cardboard  products and corrugated boxes in various sizes and configurations to suit any industry.


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a range of custom boxes. We can custom make boxes to your specification, including precise fitting into your racking or storage system, or we have a large range of prefabricated boxes to choose from.

Spare parts boxes:
  • Parts boxes are available in standard sizes or can be made to your specifications.

  • Angled front spare part boxes are available.

  • Parts bins and spare parts boxes are manufactured from one piece of board to increase strength and durability.

Medical and Pathology boxes:

Our range:

  • Cell boxes

  • Paraffin boxes

  • Slide holders

  • Plasma boxes

  • Orthodontic boxes

  • Optical boxes

  • Cytotoxic boxes

  • Pill boxes

  • Autoclave trays

Party hire and catering boxes:

We make boxes for a range of items including:

  • Wine & champagne glasses

  • Cups & mugs

  • Cutlery storage

  • Spirit and water glasses

  • Tea & coffee storage

  • Plates, bowls etc

  • Equipment (Urns etc)

  • Linen


A wide variety of other cardboard products


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