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People with a disability


Westcare Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation and an Australian Disability Enterprise (recognised as a Social Enterprise) providing quality employment, training and development opportunities for people with disabilities in a supportive environment. Westcare currently has a number of vacancies across each of its divisions.


Prospective applicants and interested individuals are welcome to organise a visit to Westcare.

Westcare will share with you information about our services and employment conditions. After returning an employment application form, there will be further discussions about work goals and related matters at an interview. If offered employment, on the job training and support are available to employees.

Entry Criteria
  • The applicant should be eligible for Commonwealth funded specialist employment services.

  • Jobseekers must be able to meet the inherent requirements of the commercial contracts Westcare undertakes with reasonable adjustment.

  • Jobseekers must be able to independently toilet and feed themselves.

  • The applicant must be punctual and regular in attendance.

  • The applicant will be responsible for their own transport to and from work.

  • The applicant is expected to provide relevant information that may help to develop an ongoing employment management plan to meet personal employment needs. This information is confidential.

  • The applicant should be motivated to work in a supportive employment environment and, for employees who desire, a view to becoming successful in obtaining employment in the general labour market.

  • The applicant (with advocate when needed) will have an interview following submission of an application form.

  • Applicants accepted for a Work Trial will be assessed as to their suitability for performing the manufacturing and related tasks available at Westcare Industries.

  • The applicant should be willing to participate in training programs to develop on-the-job skills.

  • The applicant should be capable of working with a minimum of supervision under supported employment conditions.

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Starting Work

Work hours will be discussed upon application. This provides an opportunity to try available work tasks before confirmation of an employment position.

Employees are covered by general industrial conditions such as leave entitlements. Wages are based on hourly rates paid directly into bank accounts. Extra income may affect Centrelink (Social security) payments.
A short work experience trial of approximately two weeks can also be arranged.

Training and Support

Opportunities for developing work ability and skills in a friendly working atmosphere are available through on-the-job training and personal support. Westcare highly values employee rights, responsibilities, decision making and choice, and personal information is strictly confidential.
Policies and procedures are in place to help us to provide a high quality of employment assistance service in accordance with the disability employment standards of the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).

We recognise the support of FaHCSIA which partly funds Westcare’s Employment Assistance Services.

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